Drake University Athlete Olympics

Throughout my time at Drake University, I’ve wanted to make a difference not only on campus, but within the community. Over the last few months, I planned an event to get the athletes of Drake University to give back to the community during the holiday season.

On December 9, 2016, 75 Drake University Athletes came together to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation Iowa. Raising a total of $300, Drake Athletes donated money to participate in a series of events in which one team was crowned the overall champion.

Drake University athletes were split up randomly among a total of 10 teams. With the 10 team competing in 5 different events, competition was the least of our worries in the Knapp Center that chilly Friday morning.

The first event, consisted of each member spinning with a baseball bat followed by shooting a free-throw. This event seemed to be the biggest hit. The second event was a volleyball pass in which each member had to pass the volleyball to every member on their team and the team to do it the fastest won the point. In the third event, the teams competed in a 3-legged race where they continued on to kick a goal with the two feet that were tied together. For the fourth event, each member was challenged to golf a tennis ball into one of 3 buckets which would determine where they would stand to throw a football  through the end target. The final event was a tennis relay race, where every member had to keep a tennis ball up in the air by hitting it with a racket while making their way through the obstacles.

The first place team was then split up and had to compete against one another to determine the top 3 finalists overall. The final competition to win in order to be named champion was: musical chairs. Once every team competed in all events, they were treated to ice cream, cookies and prizes.

Overall, I would consider the event successful, helpful and fun for everyone involved. I have many ideas on how to improve for future events I choose to plan and I have found something I truly enjoy doing. Serving, helping and planning.

With a future in event planning, this was a major stepping stone into what I want to do in the future. This gave me my passion for event planning and improved my outlook on how to plan events in the future.